Photo exhibition news – What’s On, it’s show time

© Polly Morgan, UK Carrion Call (detail), photo courtesy of the artist and Moniker

© Liane Lang, Material Displeasure, courtesy of the artist and the gallery

There’s a photo feast coming up in Europe with fairs, shows and events including the Brighton Photo Biennial and Brighton Photo Fringe (2 October-14 November) taking place in south east England, photo-month (1 October-30 November) in east London, Frieze Art Fair (11-17 October) in Regent’s Park, London, and Paris Photo (18-21 November). With so much to see, it’s an exhibition extravaganza, so today’s post picks out just a few of the shows that I’ll be saving the date for.

Featured above, taxidermist Polly Morgan joins Swoon, Steve ‘ESPO’ Powers, Herakut, Banksy, Ben Eine, Titi Freak and Shepard Fairey in the line-up at the inaugural MONIKER International Art Fair (14-17 October), which is launching next month and will be held in Village Underground, a Victorian warehouse in Shoreditch, east London, to coincide with Frieze week. Morgan is also one of the artists in the show VANITAS: The Transience of Earthly Pleasures which is also opening to coincide with Frieze week, see later in post.

Liane Lang’s latest photographic works, Monumental Misconceptions: A Journey through Sculptural Budapest, will be on show at The Gallery Soho, London from 27 September-3 October. Lang spent months in Budapest photographing Soviet era monuments that had been ripped down after the fall of communism…

Many of these monuments were relocated to a field in the suburbs of the city (now Budapest’s Memento Sculpture Park), where Lang has intermingled life-size rubber models of humans and human body parts with these bronze or steel sculptures to create installations.

© Liane Lang, Grand Gestures (Lenin), courtesy of the artist and the gallery

© Liane Lang, Fellow Travellers, courtesy of the artist and the gallery

All Visual Arts (AVA) has announced its autumn show, Vanitas: The Transience of Earthly Pleasures, running from from 12-17 October in London at the former Sierra Leone Embassy, to coincide with Frieze. “The exhibition is a contemporary update on the four hundred year old theme of the Vanitas first developed in Holland and Northern Europe in the mid to late 17th century.

AVA’s commissioning agency will bring together works made especially for the exhibition by both the artists that it currently represents – Reece Jones, Wolfe von Lenkiewicz, Alastair Mackie, Kate MccGwire and Jonathan Wateridge – and other leading figures of the international art world including Bertozzi and Casoni, Jake and Dinos Chapman, George Condo, Tim Noble and Sue Webster and Wim Delvoye. Other artists include Nicola Bolla, Jodie Carey, Matt Collishaw, Ori Gersht, see photo below, and Polly Morgan.

© Ori Gersht, Time after Time, 2007, photo courtesy of the artist and AVA.

For show details for the Brighton Photo Fringe, click BPF to download PDF.

More on MONIKER as it’s the first year: “MONIKER will introduce to London a welcome alternative to the familiar grind of the art fair season taking a more personal approach while highlighting the work of a generation of artists often overlooked in British mainstream fairs, though widely acclaimed by museums and top art institutions throughout the world” says Frankie Shea, co-director of MONIKER.

“These artists, extensively collected, skip across various genres, readily exploring high and low aspects of visual language. MONIKER is designed to spotlight this movement within the ever-growing London art scene and its prominence within current international artistic trends in an innovative setting for the interested art patron, collector and critic alike.” Press release.


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