Photo Stroll Four – the final bit drawn from the permanent collection of San Diego’s Museum of Photographic Arts

Finally, the conclusion of a four-part photo stroll through the various photo exhibitions, including in previous posts Streetwise, on at San Diego’s Museum of Photographic Arts. And a big thank you to John Mann from SD who kindly took me round Balboa Park, the botanical gardens and the show.

The exhibitions have various running times: Streetwise: Masters of 60’s Photography has just finished. Inside Out: Portraits from the Permanent Collection runs until 25 September, and Imagine That! is on until 29 January 2012. I recognised the name of one of the photographer’s whose work is included in the permanent collection Ruth Thorne-Thomsen. I met her carrying a large pinhole camera in 1999 on a beach in Mexico. She was taking photos in difficult conditions with her large format pinhole camera and sent me a couple of her tests when I got back from my trip. I still have them, somewhere.

To get a glimpse see over for more, but it’s no substitute for the real thing – nor should it be. Tomorrow, photo news catch up and some show openings…

All photos Miranda Gavin, 2011.

As museums and public art institutions use social media networks and third-party sites to share content, think flickr, youtube, etc, audiences are being asked to participate in various ways. With this show, San Diego’s Museum of Photographic Arts called members of the public to send in photos from the 1960s that have social meaning for them Where were you between 1960-1969?. Follow this link to the Streetwise page

And if you want, you can see more photos that have been uploaded by members of the public from their sitting-moon portrait sessions on the chair at the gallery. Follow this MOPA link for more.



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